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About us

About us

Blagoy Angelov, born on 4th August 1972. Owner and Manager Member of the Board of Directors of BCWFI “The idea to do this activity was born in … 1997. We started with the production of mattresses in a small workshop near the city. We gradually expanded our knowledge and experience, we learnt from our mistakes and succeeded slowly. To date we develop our business in two main directions and most importantly with our products we try to create peace and comfort at home. Home is the place where one feels secure and peaceful, shares happy and sad moments. Our desire is through our furniture people to feel happy and loved.” Furniture factory “Kolorado” is a manufacturer of: UPHOLSTERY FURNITUREsofas, couches, armchairs, sofa beds, upholstery benches, lounge corners with recliner mechanisms and LED lighting, sets, kitchen corners, mattresses with pocket springs, upholstered beds, etc. CABINET FURNITURE – modular systems for furnishing living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, kitchens, office furniture, shelves, wardrobes, dressers, TV and DVD racks, office containers, etc. The company was founded by its owners – the Angelov family and their close friends and associates – a total of about six people. An extremely hard and at the same time ambitious start. A beginning, in which the entrepreneurship, dedication and tenacity of Mr. Blagoy Angelov are the leading principles. “At first I relied on my own forces and people close to me. Gradually I began to invest in qualified personnel that we train continuously because of the specific nature of our business. Many people think that the production of furniture is a simple task, but it is not true. This is a creative process in which  you need to work with your heart and soul and  care for the employees and as you  invest more and the business grow   you get satisfaction, and what is better than this!“ 1

In 1997 Blagoy Angelov created his own line for the production of mattresses. In 2004 he purchased his own factory for the production of furniture / former furniture cooperative “Svoboda” with 18000 km.m. of production area. 2

In 2006 he created his own brand for the production of furniture reg. № 66796 3

In 2007 he created his own brand for the production of doors ENIRA reg. №71207 , and in 2011 the first Internet site representing the company online. 4

In April 2013 furniture factory “Kolorado” participated in a trade mission for companies from the woodworking and furniture industries, with a visit in the international exhibition ISALONI in Milan, Italy. 5

In April the same year, the company participated in the international exhibition “World of Furniture and Technomebel” – 2013 6 In 2014 furniture factory Kolorado participated once again in the international exhibition “World of Furniture and Technomebel” – 2014 7

In March 2014 the company participated in a trade mission in Israel. 8

In August 2014 an additional working area was purchased  based in the Yakuba locality in the town of Pazardzhik with an area of 12 542 m². In January 2015 furniture factory Kolorado took part in the International Exhibition for Furniture and Interior Design IMM Cologne // LivingKitchen 2015 in Germany. 9

The national participation is organised by the Executive Agency for Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises implementing a project for the promotion of exports, financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Program “Competitiveness” 2007-2013. In the same year furniture factory Kolorado participated in the international exhibition “World of Furniture and Technomebel” –

2015 10 Furniture factory Kolorado is a frequent participant in the international exhibition M.O.W. – international trade fair for furniture, furniture accessories and decoration. The participants include manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, importers, designers, interior designers. There are offered furniture for all residential premises – bedrooms, kitchens, guest rooms, living rooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms, furniture for offices; custom furniture solutions, sofas. The event outlines the trends in furniture. 11 In 2015 furniture factory Kolorado created its motto: “When we talk about furniture ….” and participated in a trade mission in Paris, France. 12 13

Furniture factory Kolorado once again participated in the international exhibition “World of Furniture and Technomebel” -2016 and received certificates for: Quality management in conformity to EN ISO 9001:2015 Environmental management in conformity to BDS EN ISO 14001:2005 Management of health and safety at work in conformity to BS OHSAS 18001:2007 14

In Nonember 2016 first participation in BRUSSELS FURNITURE FAIR, Brussels, Belgium.  16-20 January once again participated in the international exhibition – IMM Cologne 2017. The event takes place in Cologne, Germanybrussels2016. Picture1

At present, furniture factory “Kolorado” carries out its production on an area of 30,542 m² in two factories producing:

  • Modular systems for furnishing kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, offices, etc.
  • Upholstery furniture – sofas, couches, living room corners, kitchen corners, armchairs with recliner mechanisms, upholstery bedroom suites and beds.

The factories are equipped with advanced CNC centers, edging machines and saws. The machines are serviced by qualified personnel with years of experience. At present, more than 190 people are employed in the two factories, even families. The mission of all of us is to create beautiful and practical furniture and work with dedication and confidence while creating them. Only in this way we can move forward and develop. So we created our motto: “When we talk about furniture ….”